Are you vegan and a chocolate lover too? Are you reading ingredients? Don't think about sacrificing your favorite chocolate🍫 , there are lots of options available out there .. LET ME MAKE THAT EASY FOR YOU 😀 After being vegan for years now, I want to make it easy for the newbies to find out … Continue reading VEGAN CHOCOLATES🍫💝


Do we feel pain? What is it like? Let's take an example, let's measure it !!! 🧓  (A)      : Take a pin, poke  - is it painful ??? 🤷 (B)       : Ouch😬 yes it is !! But it's bearable to some extent. 🧓 (A)        :  what if,  it's a knife 🔪  or a hammer 🔨? 🤷 (B)         : 😟😵 … Continue reading IS PAIN REALLY PAINFUL?